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When you are installing a FARO device driver, whether by installing a specific FARO driver file or as part of installing CAM2 software, you may get Windows error 1330 or the winverify trust error code 266. Error 1330 A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file C:\Documents and settings \jiangadmin\....\data1has an invalid digital signature.This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt. This error occurs because security options set by your IT department restrict installation of device drivers without a digital signature or with a digital signature cannot be recognized by the operating system.

Error validating windows xp pro

Follow the instructions on the Web site to use the driver with a fresh installation of Windows XP.

If you have a virtual machine with a SCSI virtual disk and a Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows NT or Windows 2000 guest operating system and want to upgrade it to Windows XP, install the new SCSI driver before upgrading the operating system.

To obtain the distribution files, I have had to download them onto a computer connected to the internet via ethernet, and transferred them over using a memory stick.

Also, if it is any help, I downloaded the full distribution of Mik Te X 2.9 from the following http server.

I also set the verify ip dword Verify Address in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\(blah)\Class\\0000 to 0.

The purpose of this,as I understand it, is so that it doesn't try and verify the checksumson the packet when it appears to be coming from a source differentfrom what the router says.

You can install Windows XP Home Edition or Professional in a virtual machine using the corresponding Windows XP distribution CD.

Note: To use SCSI disks in a Windows XP virtual machine, you need a special SCSI driver available from the download section of the VMware Web site at

be that the repository is corrupt (faulty update, incorrect checksums, etc).

The solution then might be to switch to a different (intact) server, or different repository all together.

If you bought Windows XP and have been unlucky enough to fail the validation (which isn’t uncommon) then you might just want to remove it altogether.


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