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Franois Velde (Heraldica Web Site), and Olivier Blanc (an author and specialist in French late 18th century and First Empire history, and author of numerous books, including, “Portraits de femmes, artistes et modles l'poque de Marie-Antoinette,” Paris, Didier Carpentier, 2006). [Identified by Olivier Blanc.] Presumably the Baronne d’Estat, born Jeanne Louise Catherine Voidet, the daughter of Denis Simon Voidet, avocat au Parlement and Catherine Charlotte Vernier. 1768-69, and believes these to be the children of the baronne d’Estat, by the prosecutor Omer Louis Franois Joly De Fleury: Michel-Anglique d’Estat dit Bellecour, Baron d’Estat, born about 1762, and his sister Denise d’Estat born in 1764, future baronne Gothereau De Billens. Or the girl may have been another sister, Agathe Louise Marie de La Fert, born circa January 1767, who apparently died as a child (she was also a daughter of Joly De Fleury, but was given a different last name on her baptismal records, to conceal her illegitimate birth). Gabrielle-Anne (elsewhere Pavant) de La Vieuville (1735-?

The hyperlinks generally connect to the group-effort website, "The Art of Elisabeth Louise Vige Le Brun," which is administered by Kevin Kelly. In 1752 she married Joseph Dominique d’Estat de Bellecourt. ), daughter of Ren-Jean-Baptiste, marquis de La Vieuville and Anne-Charlotte de Creil.

He married Sophie Gilly (died 1774), a cousin of Mme Prrgaux. [Identification and photo provided by Olivier Blanc.] "A lady," oil on canvas, 32 1/4" x 23 1/4". Jeffares and d'Arnoult are satisfied with the identification of the sitter as the older son. Sold at auction by Oger-Semont, 19 March 2007, lot 13, ,921. 39 states that VLB prepared a copy of a landscape by Joseph Vernet, sold in the 1778 sale of Mme de Coss.

This includes a reproduction in a different medium, such as a photographic reproduction of an original painting, pastel, or drawing. Anne Genevive de La Vieuville, second daughter of Ren-Jean-Baptiste de La Vieuville, baron d’Arzillires. [Identified by Olivier Blanc.] VLB also painted her sister, Gabrielle-Anne, listed two paragraphs above.

1769 “Jeanne Vige, the Artist’s Mother,” oil on canvas, oval, 25 5/8" x 21 1/4" (65 x 54 cm), private collection.

1772 "Standing Woman Holding a Sheet of Music (The Artist’s Mother? Baillio quotes from her handwritten draft: "At thirteen and a half I painted ...(my) third portrait ... Baillio attributes this painting to VLB, and suggests that the sitter may have been her brother. 1772-74 "Jacques Franois Le Svre, Artist’s Step-Father," oil on canvas, 23 5/8" x 19 1/2" (60 x 49.5 cm), private collection. In 1764 she married Louis-Philippe Mouchy (1734-1801).

Petersburg and Moscow: 1795-1801 Berlin: 1801 Dresden: 1801 Paris: 1801-03 London: 1803-05 Paris: 1805-42 Switzerland: 1807 & 1808 Miscellaneous Paintings Cited by VLB Miscellaneous Entries Paintings Determined Not to Be the Work of VLB References Jeanne Messin, born 27 September 1728 near Neufchateau in the Vosges, married Vige then Le Svre, she died Paris 1801. 1772 "Jeanne Vige, the Artist’s Mother, seen from behind," pastel, oval, unlocated. 16 (b&w) [See related drawing, below.] [Attribution by Joseph Baillio.] ca. Louis Art Museum version is a later signature copy, and that the original is in a private Paris collection (which would explain VLB's listing of 1768-72, whereas the St. [Per , this portrait was probably completed in 1769, but not signed and dated until 1773. [Thanks to Jana Talkenberg for originally sending this image to us.] At one time this work was attributed to Jean-Baptiste-Simon Chardin. Elisabeth-Rosalie Pigalle was raised by her relative, the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Pigalle.

They had four children: Charles-Eugne de Lorraine-Brionne, prince of Lambesc and last duc d’Elbeut (1751-1825); Marie-Josphe Thrse de Lorraine-Brionne, princess of Elbeul (1753-1797) who in 1768 married Victor Emmanuel de Savoie-Carignano, duc de Carignano [VLB painted her circa 1783-85]; Anne Charlotte, princess of Lorraine-Brionne, later abbess of Remiremont (1755-1786); and Joseph Marie de Lorraine-Brionne, prince of Vaudmont (1759-1812). [Identified by Olivier Blanc] 1770 "Charles Antoine Etienne de Choiseul-Beaupr" Charles Antoine Etienne de Choiseul-Beaupr, seigneur de Sommeville, called marquis de Choiseul-Beaupr, was born in Petite Anse, Saint Domingue (now Haiti) on 10 July 1739. He was colonel la suite du rgiment Dauphin (tranger) en 1763, puis lieutenant gnral. Eustace in Paris, he married Louise Raby, a daughter of Jean-Baptiste Raby & Marthe Bourgeois.

After the death of her husband, the sitter became a mistress of Choiseul, whom VLB painted in 1773. His parents were Antoine-Nicolas de Choiseul-Beaupr (1716-1760) and Rene-Marie-Michelle Barb de Beauval (1718-1802). Tragically, she died in Paris on 24 October 1772, with her age given as 17. Georges-sur-Loire, to Franoise Elizabeth Marie Josphe Walsh (born at Serrant and baptized at St. 5 and 256 n.6 claims that an oil on canvas sold at Htel Drouot on November 17, 2004, which had been identified as a 1775 portrait by Greuze of Renaud Csar de Choiseul Praslin, is instead this VLB portrait of Charles Antoine Etienne de Choiseul-Beaupr.

VLB lived on the same street as the sitter, whom she also painted in 1778. Jean Falcoz de La Blache (28 December 1743-1821), called the marquis d'Haraucourt, was the son of comte Andr Laurent Francois Falcoz de La Blache and Michle Josphe Marguerite de Roissy. 24 December 1807] 1808) was a son of Governor Grigory Ivanovich Orlov (1685-1746) and Lusha Ivanovna Orlov, ne Zinoviev (1710-? In 1782, he married Evdokia Nikolayevna Lopukhina (1761-1786). Louise Marie Adlade de Penthivre, Duchess de Chartres (and later Duchess d’Orlans), 1753-1821.

[Identified by Olivier Blanc.] 1774 "Vicomte de La Blache," oil on canvas, oval, 30 3/4" x 24 3/8" (78 x 62 cm), private collection. On 3 March 1772, he married Catherine Le Roy de Senneville. He was an uncle (by marriage) to Countess Anna Ivanova Orlov, ne Countess Saltykova (1777-1824), whom VLB would later paint in St. When her brother, the Prince de Lamballe, died in 1768, she became heiress to France’s greatest fortune.

Olivier Blanc suggests this was probably "Lespart", a member of the Gramont family. Mme Denis De Foissy, wife of Pierre De Foissy, receveur gnral des finances de Metz et d’Alsace.

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