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The first thing that you'll notice about Yale's smart lock is the touch screen.

It's sleek, glossy, and capacitive, unlike the resistive touch screen that you'll find on the Camelot's touchscreen.

This gives it a brighter, slightly sharper display, and one that you won't need to press down on quite so hard.

Still, it's worth noting that we liked both the Nexia app and Web site quite a bit, and especially enjoyed that Nexia allows you to create temporary codes for your lock that expire automatically (not all systems offer this level of functionality).

At a price of just $59 the Nexia Bridge is also significantly less expensive than most other control hubs (the Revolv Hub, for instance, will set you back $299).

Other systems might offer additional options, like creating and managing user codes remotely.

It's definitely a positive that this lock will work with such a large number of automation setups -- Schlage's Camelot deadbolt, by comparison, is designed to work best with Nexia Home Intelligence, a home automation system that costs $8.99 per month to use.

Even at full price, Yale's lock might make sense over Schlage since, unlike the Camelot, you aren't required to use a fee-based automation system in order to unlock its full features.

In the end, the defining characteristic for Yale's smart lock might be the many home automation systems it's compatible with.

At an MSRP of 5, the Yale Real Living Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt is one of the most expensive locks on the market, more expensive than the Kevo, the Camelot, or any of the other smart locks due in the next few months.

You can get it significantly cheaper online (as of this writing, the cost on Amazon was down to 4), and even cheaper still if you opt for the same deadbolt without the Z-Wave adapter or touch screen.

Still, Yale's lock compatible with a wide variety of home automation systems, including several fee-free options, and that's certainly more than Schlage can say about its Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt.

Also, Yale's deadbolt is the only lock we've seen thus far that actually talks to you, offering helpful feedback in one of three languages as you navigate its programming menu.

In the process, you'll tack the price of that system onto the already considerable price of the lock itself.


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