Common online dating lies

Sadly, many of the guys from OKCupid whom I’ve actually had “official” committed relationships with, were super quick to re-activate their profiles once we broke up.

You’re sitting at home, alone, staring at your empty text message inbox, boo-hoo-hooing over the schmuck, while he’s drawing yet another woman into his web, probably enchanting her with the same Ryan Gosling-style verbiage he used on you.

It’s been interesting, re-evaluating those profiles with the benefit of hindsight and the intimate knowledge I got from having dated these people, and realizing how dishonest some of them were/are.

Hey, if you’d spent all that money hiring someone to make you look that appealing, you wouldn’t change your profile, either. ”(By the way, don’t EVER EVER accuse a woman of being angry with you because she’s PMS’ing.

OK-I don’t know for sure that someone else wrote his profile, but I have good reason to suspect. Not if you want to keep breathing.)I think “Jennifer’s” main appeal was that she was about 5 breast cup sizes bigger than me at the time.

When I first read it, I thought — wow, here’s someone who understands that a relationship is an investment and won’t just bail on it for something he perceives to be better (which is, sadly, VERY common these days). Had he maybe meant to dial one of his dude-bros to tell him this, but called me by mistake? He expected me to, as well.) One good thing I will say about our toxic, dysfunctional relationship — for the first time ever, I got down to 19 percent body fat.

In real life, though, the grass on the other side was ASTROTURF to the ex. Or maybe his mother died (he hated his mother and stood to inherit millions from her demise.)“What, babe? Did he send me a break-up text, and I somehow missed it? I’ll probably never see that level of leanness again. Suddenly the assumed GILF (eww) sounds more like a DILF (yay) and his dating pool of younger hotties bursts wide open. I have had men lie to me online about almost everything. The reality telly wannabe, 56, claims on the app he is 46 and I totally understand why.From my experience, there’s just a huge disconnect between the philosophies he espouses in his profile and how he really acts in a relationship. I was too full of muscle to be that well endowed, since he had me going to the gym 5 days a week to stay in optimal shape for him.For example, he states in his profile: “The grass isn’t always greener; it’s as green as you make it.” Isn’t that a wonderful observation? (He worked out of those “do you even lift” types.Come to think of it, about the only true thing in my ex’s dating profile is that he owns dogs. Wade If you’ve ever dealt with dishonesty from an online flame, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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