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However, copies of German folding cameras seemed to have the larger share of the market, mainly in 6x4.5 cm format, known as “Semi” models in Japan, but also 6x6 cm.

Of course, there were also fixed focus box cameras etc.

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In fact the article below puts forward quite a different set of figures.

The scan is from the April 1954 first edition of “Orient Photography” and the article initially appeared in the 20 March 1953 edition of “Stars & Stripes”: (Scan courtesy of Chris Whelan) (Click on article for larger image) Whilst the first article quotes 72,483 Japanese cameras sold in 1952 to United Nations forces (in Japan only?

Also some odd side by side 35 mm TLRs produced by prolific post-War 6x6 TLR maker Tougodo.

Post-War, the current Olympus website claims that the Olympus 35 I released in 1948 was “the first 35mm camera sold in the Japanese market.” What does that mean?

His question “why” remains unanswered but it does make life a little easier for linguistically challenged researchers.

In my experience, that applies to Yashima/Yashica products as well.

Quite a lot of 1950's Rolleis and Flexarets, not to mention Leicas, etc turn up on Japanese auction sites.

Both figures could be right but measuring different things, or one set might be wildly inaccurate.

Why did Japan produce so many TLR models after the War?


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