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) Are high efficiency furnaces really this unreliable?Am I stuck with a lemon that will need service calls every year? You need to have that unit serviced once a year to avoid problems just like this.Not saying you cant go a few years without it, the manufacture recommends it.

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Units that use inside air are prong to the flame sensor needing cleaned more often. its the environment the product is working in that causes problems.

A dirty flame sensor generally does not prevent ignition. The dirty flame sensor just causes the burner to shut off a few seconds later. I dont think I ever ran into a furnace that would sometimes work for 5 days or so then not work at all due to a dirty flame sensor.

What good is a 98% efficient furnace to the consumer if maintenance costs exceed fuel savings?

My monthly gas bill is $65, for stove, hot water, dryer, and furnace operation. If the problem is just the flame sensor was dirty and there ends up not being any other problems, then I would be looking at what is stored around the outside intake to the furnace.

Its like changing the oil and air filter in your car, routine maintenance.

Sometimes it's not the unit but the environment that it's in.

We had a Carrier Performance 93 furnace (Model 58M__) installed with new AC in May of 2008. This year, the furnace would occasionally not kick on when temperature was below thermostat setting.

I then reset the thermostat a degree or two and it would work. After a 3 day Christmas trip, we returned to a house at 43*.

But always giving the customer more value than the cost of the actual repair is good business, with my techs even a simple short repair requires several checks be made to the system, rarely are they on the scene less than 45 -60 minutes checking everything.

Left to right, top to bottom and front to's checked.

The furnace has a five year warranty, but what good is that warranty to me if it doesn't apply when the furnace quits working?


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