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Looking only at style and quality of workmanship, one might easily suggest that Göbekli Tepe dates between 30 BCE. Based on radiocarbon analyses, the site goes back to the period of 9000 to 10,000 BCE, and was intentionally buried circa 8000 BCE.That is, the site dates back an astounding 10,000 to 12,000 years ago!

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No other monumental sites from the era have been found.

Before Göbekli, humans drew stick figures on cave walls, shaped clay into tiny dolls, and perhaps piled up small stones for shelter or worship.

A well-known example is the rise of dynastic Egypt about 3200 to 3100 BCE and the building of the Djoser pyramid circa 2630 BCE. Although accepted as dogma by many, this nice neat scenario may be completely wrong.

Back in 1991, I had the temerity to announce that the Great Sphinx of Egypt, conventionally dated to 2500 BCE (the reign of Pharaoh Khafre), actually has its origins in the 7000 to 5000 BCE range, or possibly earlier.

Permanent structures were superfluous, for the group never stayed in one place very long.

Material goods were sparse as possessions had to be limited to those easily carried.Even after Göbekli, there is little evidence of sophisticated building.” In a nutshell, we have evidence of high culture and civilisation circa 10,000 to 8000 BCE, but then an apparent decline or hiatus for thousands of years, until the “rise” of civilisation once again in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and elsewhere. A hallmark of civilisation is precise scientific observation.Astronomy is often considered the earliest yet most sophisticated of the sciences.My announcement was done via a presentation at the October 1991 annual meeting of the Geological Society of America (this was allowed only after a formal abstract, submitted with my colleague John Anthony West, was accepted based on positive professional peer review).I made my case utilising scientific analyses, comparing erosion and weathering profiles around the Sphinx to the ancient climatic history of Egypt.Men hunted game while women and children gathered fruits, seeds, roots, shoots, insects, and other edibles.


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