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There were other groups like the Nkuna (spoke Mbayi) who left Ngome in Northern Kwa Zulu, (probably during the time of Dingiswayo’s rule) for Lydenburg district in Mpumalanga and then Mozambique. They abandoned the Mbayi dialect and adopted Nhlave, a Dzonga sub-dialect. They settled among the Van’walungu and adopted the N’walungu dialect.

The Mabunda (Mavundza) and Maswanganyi were part of the Mazibuko clan in Kwa Zulu.

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THE EARLY HISTORY OF THE GAZA-NGONI (“Shangaans”)The Gaza were a junior section (in Kohlo branch) of the Ndwandwe.

In 1819 when the Ndwandwe were defeated by Shaka Zulu the Gaza were under the leadership of Manukuza (alias Soshangane ), who doubled as the chief commander of the Ndwandwe forces defeated by Shaka.

For over centuries Tsonga have assimilated other cultural groups who came to live with them in the South East Africa region.

The following clans are a case in point:(a) Shona(i)Tembe-Karanga (Kalanga)- were in Delagoa Bay region by 1554 (ii) Baloyi(Valoyi) –Rozvi (Lozwi) – they were already in the N’walungu region during the time of the Dutch occupation of the Delagoa Bay (1721-31).

This was motivated by the fact the Ronga themselves identified themselves as one group with people who spoke the same language, regardless of the fact that they belonged to different chiefdoms.

Dutch reports mention that there were visitors into the Delagoa Bay area from the interior (probably the Hlanganu) who were identified by the Ronga as speaking the same language as them and that members of the Hlengwe sub-group had the same scarifications as the Ronga.

TSONGA HISTORY PERSPECTIVE BY MANDLA MATHEBULA, ROBERT NKUNA, HLENGANI MABASA AND MUKHACANI MALULEKE[INITIALLY WRITTEN AS A RESPONSE TO THE TSONGA-SHANGAAN KINGSHIP DEBATE]Early History of Tsonga communities in South East Africa Archaeological evidence points to a continuous occupation of the area between St Lucia Bay from at least the thirteen century, probably at 1250.

Early Portuguese documents of shipwreck sailors indicate that Tsonga Communities were already based between Maputo and Saint Lucia Bay by 1550. Bento-1554), Diogo de Couto (Santa Thome-1589), Lavanha (Santa Alberto-1593) record presence of Ronga chiefdoms between Saint Lucia Bay and the Maputo region in sixteen century.

In KZN there are two Ronga dialects worth mentioning: the Xissonga in the Pongola valley, more especially in the Ndumo area and the Xikonde around the Saint Lucia Bay.


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