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Students in the Turing program will learn TDD with Ruby, Ruby Web Applications with Sinatra & Rails, Professional Web Applications, and High-Performance Applications with APIs and Services.

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Turing's mission is to unlock human potential by training a diverse, inclusive student body to succeed in high-fulfillment technical careers, while Turing's vision is a world powered by technology where the people building it represent the people using it.

Turing is the brainchild of Jeff Casimir and Jumpstart Labs (you might recognize these names from Hungry Academy and g School, among other achievements).

Like you will read from most, this place is challenging.

There is no ceiling for any student and everyone has a rough time.

These traits, paired with vast coding knowledge you'll learn made transitioning into my first developer position easier than others who came from different boot camps or backgrounds.

My advice to perspective students, get your life situated and ready to be completely hijacked for the time there.Had I prepared more for the full immersion that is Turing, I can honestly say things would have gone smoother.Do the pre-work and be ready to be committed to the program.The pace is fast and vigorous, but so is your learning curve.Sadly the first few weeks there didn't go quite as smoothly for me as it did others and so I was forced to repeat.While feeling like failure, the staff and other students made it known I wasn't.


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