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The anime focuses upon the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of first love and teenage romance.Six students struggle to find the perfect partner and their adolescent limitations.

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She has been Kyoichi's friend since childhood, but she also has difficulty expressing love, eventually making her move at the end of the first episode by holding Kyoichi's hand while they are out.

When she goes out to summer training with the track team, she is wooed by a college guy named Okazaki, and struggles with whether she really has a relationship with Kyoichi.

While several characters are taken from stories in the manga, the story of the anime is unrelated to the manga.

Each episode begins and ends with a philosophical quote which sums up the episode's content.

He meets Natsue Horikawa, who inspires him to keep pursuing baseball and, in getting to know her, and more of himself, they become a couple.

He also spent a whole day with pop idol Jyunna Morio when she escaped from her studio taping.But in the course of the mock date, she realizes she is having a good time, that Makoto has some good qualities, and she ends up falling in love, feeling somewhat lonely that Erika gets to date him for real.However, as fate would have it, Makoto's date with Erika did not go well, and she ends up comforting him with her self-baked cookies, and they ended up being a couple. In the opening episode, she talks about how she fell in love with a guy on the train in two minutes.Towards the end of the series, as she sees her friends get into relationships, she considers whether to reconcile.Yumi is a glasses girl with a sarcastic attitude on relationships, usually to counter her friend Aki's idealistic sayings.Kyochi is broken hearted and has a brief relationship with Shoko Sayama and dealt with loneliness with the help of another schoolmate.

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