Dating a military pilot

There is very little time for anything else, leaving family members wondering why their husband or wife all of the sudden checked out.

If their partner makes them breakfast with the hope that they'll join them, they'll sleep in. It is also a temporary situation, fulfilled while the pilot waits to "fly the line" at their regular gig, but that doesn't mean it's not challenging. The majority of pilots, however, live in a crash pad in another city while on reserve.

And if asked where they want to go for dinner, they might respond with "I don't care." Information overload, constantly being in a leadership position and the decision-making faced on the job leaves pilots in a zombie-like anti-decision-making state of mind. While crash pad living might sound like a party, your pilot is just as annoyed as you might be about this situation.

Jealousy can play a role in a pilot's marriage (or lack thereof), too.

Maintaining a friendly relationship with crew members of the opposite sex without causing a significant other to become jealous can be a challenge. Commuting is a part of the job for many pilots and involves them flying to their assigned domicile before their schedule even begins and is done on their own time, often adding a day to the beginning of the pilot's scheduled trip.

And then they have to commute home, adding a day to the end of the trip, too.

By the time a pilot gets home, he or she might not want to leave home, which is why a pilot might balk at the idea of taking a family vacation on his or her week off.The details, like why pilots spend an enormous amount of money on fast food and why they were scheduled during the family's yearly vacation to Hawaii even though they bid for a different schedule, can become sources of contention, and often, family members behind feel left out and misunderstood themselves."This is likely a major reason for pilot divorce — the lack of comprehension on what the job entails," says Melinda W., a married first officer at a major airline."One captain clued me into best management practices for a content spouse, ' Remember, the weather is always crappy, the hotel is a dump & the crew is a bunch of idiots.' "Your spouse doesn't want to hear you're having a good time on a trip while they're home dealing with a backed up toilet, a car problem, a sick kid, shoveling snow, or the dog got sprayed by a skunk!'" Maybe so, but spouses don't need to be protected from the daily lives of pilots. I found that by talking and telling stories and explaining in detail, openly and candidly my work experiences, trials, tribulations, and adventures I can give my family members and friends a window into my world... And for airline pilots, it's not difficult to see why.He or she is living with a host of other male or female pilots and flight attendants who are loud, up at all hours and also cranky that they're not at home with their families. After a few months on reserve, pilots get a spot flying the line, which means they can bid on their schedule and be at home when they aren't flying.

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