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So you could argue that anyone creating a profile on Tinder should be prepared for their data to leech outside the community’s porous walls in various different ways — be it as a single screenshot, or via one of the aforementioned API hacks.

We are always working to improve the Tinder experience and continue to implement measures against the automated use of our API, which includes steps to deter and prevent scraping.

This person has violated our terms of service (Sec.

Some users have had multiple photos scraped from their profiles, so there is likely a lot fewer than 40,000 Tinder users represented here.

The creator of the data set, Stuart Colianni, has released it under a CC0: Public Domain License and also uploaded his scraper script to Git Hub.

Reverse image searching several of the photos mostly drew blanks for exact matches online, so it appears that many of the photos have not been uploaded to the open web — though I was able to identify one profile image via this method: a student at San Jose State University, who had used the same image for another social profile.

She confirmed to Tech Crunch she had joined Tinder “briefly a while back,” and said she doesn’t really use it anymore.

Doctor Nerd Love, I need your advice to get me out of a very negative mindset.

So, I’m going to break in here right at the start: this is a good thing to recognize in yourself.

Glancing through a few of the images from one of the downloadable files they certainly look like the sort of quasi-intimate photos people use for profiles on Tinder (or indeed, for other online social apps) — with a mix of selfies, friend group shots and random stuff like photos of cute animals or memes.

It’s by no means a flawless data set if it’s just faces you’re looking for.

But, occasionally, I’ll get a letter from a reader that requires a deeper and more thorough dive than the usual request for advice.

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