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Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you.

Since these are all African's they have no idea who Dame Maggie Smith is, you need to be British/Canadian/American to know who she is. One a blog I put up in May as follows: Blog 1 'About Me' Please read my message in the section 'More about me' while visiting my profile. 0 comments no rating Una's interview About me Hi, I'm Una, Thanks for stopping by, feel free to contact me - I don't bite .... If you want to contact me, please use the message system.

You may also check the picture section, if you wish. Proficiency in English a must - NO pidgin/patois English - nor do I speak French.

RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL Thank you for having post this about Net Log. But for our proof, it is needed to post following things: Email addresses Email headers Text of the emails and if out of the chats Posting pics if you have some Money request? I dont think you can get the headers from gmail Because I suspected them to be fake I set up a gmail address so not to give my real email to them it was only after I had done so that I found you cant get headers from gmail so for future guys that I may suspect I have created a false hotmail address providing they dont use gmail again one guy gave me a yahoo email when he replied to gmail so my only other option would be to email him from my fake hotmail & hope he replies then I will post the header on here . I've spent time reading about the poor unfortunate people that have been scammed by these gangs of rats/vermin.

And sometimes the small little things..., those you maybe thinking, they are not important. These people have been emotionally rapped and robbed of their hard earned dollars/euros/pounds, my heart goes out to them. Wish I had found this site earlier, I could have supplied information on many of the pictures you have on file. Initially I was stunned and surprised by the message contents received also noticed while browsing there were several pictures of the same person with different names.

Of course I realize now from your site I was making them better scammers by saying such things.

As I said, earlier, I've never actually used a picture of myself in my profile.

And finally please stop any contact with them by email or phone. My antenna (ears) perked up and my gut feelings took over - felt something not kosher about this.

I've never used a picture in my profile to attract attention still the same types of messages came by the dozens as did requests for money.

Occasionally the odd one will ask why and I say this is the perfect system (meaning Netlog) for two-way communication, end of story.

I will quiz them up and down about where they say they are from.

If you are a scammer/con artist you are wasting your time.


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