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Call them out on it and they usually say ok ok and give a fair price because they’re scared you’ll report them. Report taxis by calling 1584, give the taxi number on the windscreen in the left corner. Get a DTAC mobile SIM card instead of Truemove, I regret getting True as I lose signal inside Thermae, Baccara, Crazy House, and some other Gogos, but friends with DTAC don’t.Burnt cars are seen in what remains of the multi-storey car park, where a large fire destroyed many cars on Sunday, in King's Dock, Liverpool, Britain, January 01, 2018.Cheaper to self-medicate with Zithromax (see above). Abortions while technically illegal are still available in a few places, like the clinic on Sukhumvit Soi 12 next to the Cabbages & Condoms restaurant, up to the 2 month point for ~2500 Baht. Weed isn’t that big of a deal, no life sentences for a joint or anything like that. it can be negotiated down to a 2000 – 10,000 Baht on the spot fine. It’s common sense but don’t say anything about the Royal Family as lese majeste is still a crime in Thailand.

There’s no barfine, no lady drinks, and guy’s drinks are way cheaper than Gogo bars. Above are the rough rates for how much a metered taxi should cost based on the distance.

You just walk in, find a girl you like and leave immediately, for around 2500 baht short time. If you notice it going up way faster than this, you’re getting scammed.

People have been jailed for insulting the King’s dog in a Facebook post.

Criticizing the government is a crime too, and defamation laws are stricter (the truth isn’t a defence against defamation).

Then around the same amount on food, and live in central Bangkok walking distance to most nightlife, so not much need for taxis and public transportation (they’re cheap too though).

So around 00/month for essentials, then the rest of my monthly spending (0-00) is purely on going out, partying, dates, bargirls, entertainment etc.

This is a random list of Thailand tips geared towards sexpats and mongers like myself. The morning after pill in Thailand is called ‘Madonna’ or ‘Postinor’ ask for one of those brand names in any pharmacy, 40 baht.

If you have any more questions let me know in the comments and I’ll update this page. It’s two pills, the girl should take one immediately (not actually the morning after) then the next one 12 hours later. Look on the back of condom boxes for the two digit number next to the millimetres symbol มม, ideally you want 56มม . The monthly contraceptive pill is called ‘Melodia’ or ‘Yasmin’, ask for one of those brand names in any pharmacy, costs around 300 baht for a month’s worth of pills. You can get a ~300 baht HIV/Syphilis test at the Thai Red Cross clinic, near Ratchadamri BTS station.

A car flashing its headlights doesn’t mean ‘I’ll let you go’ as it does in civilised countries, in Thailand it means ‘get the f*** out of the way I’m going’. Ask for separate bills (‘yaek bin’) if you’re in a big group of mates in a Gogo bar and you’re all getting girls to give you lap dances and buy you lady drinks.

Sometimes they’ll see you as an easy target to pad the bill with extra drinks you didn’t order. Thermae is a basement bar underneath the Ruamchitt hotel, freelancers go there and stand in a line either side of the room waiting to be picked. A taxi meter should hit 55 baht at a distance of 5km (the meter starts at 35 baht).

Anything less than about 52.5 is probably too small for a foreigner and might come off inside the girl. The girl takes the first pill on the first day of her period, then you’re all good to creampie. Zithromax (brand name of azithromycin) is a powerful antibiotic that gets rid of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, if you notice creamy pus leaking from the penis or a burning sensation, take 1000mg of it (four 250mg pills). Testing for all other STDs is usually only done if you have symptoms.


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