Wsus 3 0 sp2 clients not updating

We have around 30 servers and 150 client PCs and as far as I can tell all of them seem to be downloading and installing approved updates.

wsus 3 0 sp2 clients not updating-9

One of these servers is successfully downloading updates from our WSUS server and the other is not.

Both servers are VMware ESXi VMs running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard x64 SP1.

Each server was set up from scratch and Windows was installed manually on each of them (i.e.

they were not cloned from each other or from any other VM).

I have compared the output from the Windows file on CADCS001 with that from CADCS002 and the only differences aside from the timestamps and the Call ID and client Id strings are the following lines: CADCS001: But for some reason one of the servers is insisting that there are no updates available from WSUS. The problem seems to have been due to a corruption in the \Windows\Software Distribution folder.

The following steps resolved the issue: This could be several things.

I've seen updates unpredictably break WSUS clients, for example.

I don't think I've seen a client incorrectly report no updates, however, except when there was a prerequisite update missing.

Local Update Publisher utilizes this extensible feature to create packages for deployment utilizing WSUS. WSUS is a patch server who’s client is already installed on any supported Windows machine; the Automatic Updates service (aka Windows Update Automatic Update service). The Automatic Update service (“update client”) utilizes another service to receive the Windows Updates (“updates”) called the Background Intelligent Transfer service (“BITS”).

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