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With business slacking off considerable, in late 1918, Kennedy decided on making an upwardly mobile move.

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Instead of going to a local public high school, or a local Catholic high school, PJ thought so much of his son Joe’s potential, he enrolled Joe into Boston Latin School, a college preparatory academy in the Boston Public School system.

Unfortunately, although Joe had a way with numbers, his grades were far from exemplary.

But the real feather in PJ’s cap was when he was installed as the unofficial “ward boss” of the East Boston Ward 2, a position he used to his monetary advantage for more than thirty years.

Young Joe Kennedy attended Catholic school in east Boston until the 8th grade.

Now Kennedy was on the verge of making some bigtime money and a name for himself, and he wasn’t going to let a silly thing like ethics stand in his way.

This is illustrated by the following case in point.

Kennedy, the father of United States President John F.

Kennedy, a mobster by association, because many of his friends and associates in New York City were big-time mobsters.

Finally, there is no doubt that Joe Kennedy was a creep: a creep of the highest order. Joe Kennedy was born Joseph Patrick Kennedy in Boston, Massachusetts, on September 6, 1888, the son of Patrick Joseph “PJ” Kennedy and Mary Hickey.

PJ Kennedy was a very popular person in the Boston community, known as a go-getter and someone who had risen from a common laborer to a successful businessman.

But Joe was a likable guy, and even though he was no “Einstein,” his fellow students voted Joe class president during his senior year. In 1912, immediately after Joe graduated Harvard, using his facility with numbers as a springboard, and of course, his father’s political connections, Kennedy got a prestigious job as a assistant bank examiner for the state of Massachusetts.


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