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In season 3, Fabian becomes upset after finding out that Nina will not be returning. Eddie Miller, also known as Edison Sweet is the new student from America who joins the cast in season two.

He finds a letter that Eddie gave him from Nina saying why she won't come back, along with that it says that they should break up. When he first arrives at the school, Patricia bumps into him and she talks for a while so he calls her "Yacker".

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Nina arrives at Anubis House on a scholarship from the United States on the same day Joy was hidden away by the Secret Society.

She obtained a locket from Sarah (under the alias of Emily) prior to beginning her adventures in solving the mystery behind Anubis House.

At the library, she wears the Mask and almost enters the portal, but Eddie, who is the Osirian, banishes Senkhara from her body.

In the process, Nina shoots Fabian with lightning, but Joy gets hit.

After tricking Rufus off their backs and finally beginning a relationship with Fabian, they kiss each other right at the end of the season. She, along with the other Sibuna members, search for the Mask of Anubis in a secret set of tunnels beneath the House of Anubis. Nina competes for Fabian's affections against Joy, who is determined to win Fabian back after her absence last year.

When she finds the Mask of Anubis, she discovers it's missing something: the Frobisher-Smythe gem!

In the season finale, he and Nina have one last dance, and they kiss, implying that they are back together.

Then, the rest of the gang appears and they celebrate.

Fabian has an uncle named Ade who is running a local antique shop.

Uncle Ade is the one who gives him the book "Unlocking the Eye" which helps Sibuna with the Egyptian mysteries.

She almost dies, but is saved when the Mask contains the last tear of gold and Victor puts a touch of the gold on Joy's lips.

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