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BOB ABERNETHY, anchor: Now, the concerns among observers—and some participants—about the phenomenon of hooking up on many college campuses. But writers and sociologists who have studied what is happening say casual hook-ups can make it more difficult for young people to develop long-term commitments. JUDY VALENTE: A basement bar near the campus of a major Eastern university Thursday night around 10 p.m. Professor of Sociology, University of Notre Dame): A lot of universities at , —almost every adult has left the campus. WHITE (Vice President for Student Affairs, Southern Methodist University): I think it exists on every college campus.

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VALENTE: College administrators say parents should not assume it’s too late to talk with their children about sex and relationships, even when they’re in college, and more colleges are engaging in dialogue with students about hooking up.

But ultimately it will have to be the students themselves who decide whether there might be a better way.

It’s called “hooking up,” and it’s not uncommon behavior these days. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE STUDENT #1: Hardly any of our friends are in a serious relationship.

Most people have, you know, steady hookups, but they would never consider them their boyfriend or their girlfriend.

We are — it’s somehow become a word that people are afraid to use.

But in essence that’s what every one of those young women that I talked to and have written me want — and the young men as well. And the question they have to ask themselves is, is hooking up the way to get there?

LAURA SESSIONS STEPP (Journalist and Author, “Unhooked”): There are several factors. What is this teaching them about being in relationship to others? SMITH: Young people today draw a very strong line between their fun years and their settling-down years: What happened in my early to mid-20s will stay there, and then I will magically become happy, faithful, committed, monogamous person, and what happened three years ago won’t affect my life in the future. I heard that over and over again, and think about that: one night could make or break your college experience. VALENTE: A woman in her 30s, describing herself as “scarred” by her sexual experiences, wrote this letter. STEPP (reading from letter): I think our culture has no idea just what we women feel inside. Do its teachings about individual dignity affect sexual behavior?

One is the empowerment of women — women feeling like they can do anything a man can do. Smith): Why would a young woman engage in this behavior? SMITH: Well, if you ask them they would say it’s fun. I think beneath that there are deeper levels of wanting to be accepted. Laura Sessions Stepp got this letter from a young man who had read her book. STEPP (reading from letter): An often-occurring event, at least to me, is a drunk girl throwing herself all over me and frequently asking me to take her home, or similar. UNIDENTIFIED MALE STUDENT #2: I think it’s a stage in our lives — just a college stage. UNIDENTIFIED MALE STUDENT #1: Yeah, we’re just looking to have fun. VALENTE: But social psychologist Pepper Schwartz, who studied the sexual behavior of students at 11 U. campuses, says hooking up doesn’t necessarily cause emotional damage. PEPPER SCHWARTZ (Professor of Sociology, University of Washington): I think that when we say people are hurt from hookups, compare that to a situation where every relationship has to be important. We put this pressure on them and let them turn from girls to women without any help. Donna Freitas found that hooking up is just as common at Catholic universities as at secular schools, but much less so at evangelical schools.

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