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Buffy babbles about it being possibly a non-date, but Spike assures her that he’s fine. She takes off and Spike looks decidedly not okay with it. It turns out, she can’t find anything on Principal Wood. () Buffy is really suspicious of this whole alley thing, but Wood promises that there’s this great restaurant tucked away back here.

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She isn’t 16 anymore, and he can’t just lecture her on the evils of dating while Slayer. But then the camera pans around, AND THEY HAVE A GIANT SPRAY OF PURPLE FLOWERS ACROSS ONE BUTT CHEEK.

He’s worried for her and he’s worried for the Potential and he doesn’t have the same faith in Spike. Xander is at a home improvement store watching a tool demo. Lor: Giles gets back from a mall trip with Chao-Ahn, complaining about how gross malls are.

Buffy is in a lace camisole while Anya tries to clean her shirt.

She’s unsuccessful, saying that it’s either pizza or blood. Anya rants a little about how Xander’s date is probably a sham, meant to make her jealous and it’s totally working.

At the same time, Giles notes that Spike isn’t in pain and Spike notes that Giles isn’t the First.

Spike’s observation wins out as he explains that Anya said he was the First.Giles’s Cantonese is really thin, but he’s thankful that ice cream is a universal language.Chao-Ahn, in Cantonese of course, says that she’s lactose intolerant and very uncomfortable at the moment. Buffy asks Willow to do a “Sweeney: But also, like, Xander. Like, everyone should currently be choosing no dates, because apocalypse.) Lor: Andrew is in the kitchen reading the manual for a microwave. Jonathan shows up and tells Andrew that he doesn’t need a manual, the microwave is intuitive.Lor: Yeah, I don’t think either one of them is wrong. Willow wants to know if Buffy is possibly interested in Wood, and she doesn’t know, but he is good looking and solid and smart and normal. Buffy asks why everyone thinks she’s still in love with Spike, but that isn’t even what Willow was talking about. Willow says she thinks Buffy and Wood will end up making out.It’s interesting to see Giles trying to deal with adult Buffy. Buffy throws some laundry at her and says maybe they should talk about her new girlfriend who she’s keeping not so secret. “K: I’m also going to bring back the Willow Rosenberg Crazy Birthday Cake Fashion Disaster Seal, because from the front, Willow is wearing perfectly normal grey cargo-y pants.And as long as evil is around, Andrew can remain at the First’s side.

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