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Statues of Giacomo were set up everywhere in Vinci in remembrance of his efforts and Lenora is tasked with unifying the Vinci city-states.

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I saw a copy of the Sequel, “Rise Of Legends” in the discount bin for $10 and I bought it. However, the publisher, Big Huge Games, is now bankrupt. Because Big Huge Games went bankrupt, I can’t patch the game I bought! The only allowed people to patch in-game, as a form a DRM.

You can’t download and install the patch separately. If the publisher goes bankrupt, the DRM is useless.

Someone put made a copy of the patch, and put it up for download. I asked on a retrogaming Bit Torrent tracker, and someone uploaded the patch for me ( L_Patches.7z) (link now broken, see below)! I get better customer service from an “illegal filesharing” website than from Microsoft!

Rise of Legends (Ro L) is a real-time strategy game released in 2006 and a spin off of Rise of Nations (2003).

The king tells them about the story of Sawu, another Dark Alin who was driven mad by an object that fell from the sky.

Sawu began covering the land in a corrupting substance called Dark Glass, and he was sealed in the city of Mezkesh to stop the spread of Dark Glass.

Because of the “download patch in-game” feature, I can no longer patch the game I bought!

I should have researched my purchase better, but it was only .

It turns out that you can download the patch manually. The patch server went down when they went bankrupt. People complained to Microsoft about the patch server being down, and got no answer.

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