15 year old dating a 20 year old

Some may argue: "I won't commit fornication, I'm a Christian." We know that sex before marriage is wrong, but when you're all alone with a person to who you are attracted too, the sexual drive can lead you to wrong doing. When people are in their teens, people go through a phase called "the bloom of youth".

Even the famous King David- a very faithful man of God- allowed himself to give in to the pressure (1 Sam. That is a period of time when sexual feelings and romantic emotions first become strong.

A therapist would provide a disinterested viewpoint that could help him keep his bearings, while also teasing out the roots of what motivated the daughter to make such a reckless choice.

Not that you are the tie-breaker, but it is your column, so what's your take?

-- Tokyo For those who missed it, here's the original letter I posted: Dear Carolyn: I am a dad and I just found out my daughter, 15, is seeing a man of 21.

Use this period of time to learn how to cultivate and maintain friendships.

Later, if you choose to date, you will have a better idea of who will be your partner. I'm 15 my boyfriend is 20 and we are happy together. If the 20 year old really loves you, he would wait at least until you're 18.

Some may date just to have fun and boost their self-esteem.

However, dating with no attention of getting married is like acting like a child who plays with a new toy and then discards it.

She could have lied about her age, and that possibility alone means he should talk to his daughter before hanging the guy out to dry.

The more compelling reason is that she's a capable person, who has opinions and ideas and feelings.

At 15, intimacy would clearly be considered illegal.


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