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In fact as far as I’m concerned we all look our age anyway, and that is a Good Thing.

Here are some of my very favourite girlcrushes – all of them proof that age is no limit to awesomeness.

Notorious for her brilliantly bizarre outfits, HBC is a prime example of a woman who Does Not Give A Single Toss.

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This is now the third time that I’ve been the only one who actually eats on the date.

Yes and no, at first I didn’t but that’s where I met my girl so… There are no bones; it’s just very succulent and soft and…

This is been a good date you know, you seem pretty laid back.

Check out Lethal Bizzle’s forthcoming single They Got It Wrong Ft.

I am pretty militant about the fact that we shouldn’t be scared of ageing – it’s a privilege not afforded to everyone and we should make the most of it.

The sooner we learn to ignore society’s pressures to look younger than we are, the better.I mentioned this to my fellow cast mates and Judy said, 'Oh Rosy have to go to dinner with him.' And I said, 'Do I?The Oscar-winner is sharing her life-long passion for trees and exploring a hidden world through the seasons.Here’s everything you need to know about the one-off programme. National treasure Dame Judi meets historians and tree scientists to discover more about how intertwined trees are in our history, and how important they are for the future.When I arrived at Chicken Cottage I knew immediately that this date was going to be better than any other dates to Chicken Cottage I’d been on, and you know why? Hello, I’m Amelia nice to meet you – what do you do? I went to the cinema with my girlfriend at school for her birthday. Ah I love chicken nuggets man, I could probably do 100. I’d be the breast because breasts are one of my favourite parts of a lady and one of my favourite parts of chicken.

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