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Shawty up, shawty down low When you gonnna let me download?[Verse 1: Lil' Kim] I'm on Myspace and it's type late My baby got me number one on his top eight It's computer love, we don't mind the hate They just My Space freaks trynna find a date We up all night havin' cybersex He chat, I chat though we never met He said he wanna explore me like the Internet It's like an orgasm every time he sent a text He wanna download, he likes to download Little Kim songs and put 'em on his ringtone He even got my screen saver on his i Phone I get more hits than a T inzone We goin' back and forth, sendin' emails He a thug so I hit him on his Gmail His sense of humor got me writin' LOL I sent pictures of myself straight to the cell [Hook: T-Pain] Shawty, I been lookin' at these pictures of you Cyber surfin' So when you gonna call me (when you're flirtin') When you gonna come through? ) All I wanna do is download When you gonna let me download?In 2013, a Scottish teenager made headlines when he jumped from a bridge, taking his own life, after he reportedly was extorted by a group operating out of the Philippines.

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The man reported the shakedown to cops, providing a possible name for the perpetrator.

Investigators have yet to make any arrests, though.

Alvin Cooper is the Masters and Johnson of cybersex.

The Stanford University psychiatry professor and sex therapist, who is spearheading the first national survey on online sexual behavior, is among the most respected experts on sex and the Internet.

"Our society is consumed with sex and it is increasingly interested in the Internet," Cooper said.

"The Net is revolutionizing the way we think about sexuality." From the beginning, sex has sold on the Internet.Shawty up, shawty down low When you gonna let me download?[Verse 2: Lil' Kim] He been lookin' at my sexy pics, said he diggin' my sexy hips He wanna kiss my sexy lips and download me on his floppy disk Little Kim is the only one on his mind He wanna come through and put me on his hard drive Three o'clock in the morning we be online Others send friend requests but they get denied He type I miss you I type back to let him know the feeling's mutual It's just Myspace love but it's beautiful He love to watch my videos on You Tube Hey, it's like everytime I log on I get so turned on Computer love playin' in the back (that's my song) The only one that have me up all night long Feel like a fantasy, the chemistry is so strong [Hook: T-Pain] Shawty, I been lookin' at these pictures of you Cyber surfin' So when you gonna call me (when you're flirtin') When you gonna come through? ) All I wanna do is download When you gonna let me download?Some cybersex compulsives cruise chat rooms, striking up explicit conversations with strangers and even setting up clandestine meetings."People are becoming jealous of computers," said Kimberly Young, a University of Pittsburgh psychologist and author of a book on cyber addiction called "Caught in the Net." A middle-age Florida couple that Young interviewed had discovered the Internet was interfering with their 20- year marriage.A Manhattan man’s cyber-sex session on Skype ended in an online blackmail plot by a woman to whom he exposed himself on camera, police sources told The Post. While he struck several scandalous poses, he never realized the woman was recording every embarrassing thing he was doing.


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