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And it works: According to Match.com, 39 per cent of Canadian singles know someone who met their current partner using an online dating site.

We asked Globe and Mail readers to share their experience in the trenches.

The cops sprayed Luminal on the crime scene and Inspector Brad Mandrusiak explained: "The interior was just blood soaked. I’m thinking this might be a murder." However, Twitchell's alibi was elaborate and almost convincing - as he claimed he was shooting a film about a serial killer, called House of Cards.

This was until police discovered a diary on his laptop, called SK Confessions.

She added that she didn’t have any proof either and no DNA because he had used a condom.

The man was later found in Queensland a few months ago and was accused of raping two other women in similar attacks.

At that instant I knew there was no date." He added: "I couldn’t believe it. "He pulled out a gun and he told me to get down on the floor, put my hands on my back and close my eyes. I heard some kind of jingling noise, metal handcuffs. Then he started to strike me with this baton." Amazingly, Gilles managed to escape under the garage door and, despite Twitchell's initial attempts to drag him back inside, made a run for it when two dog walkers stumbled across the attack.

Gilles said: "I knew I needed to go to the police, but I was ashamed about what had happened to me, that I got duped by this man pretending to be a female.

The lonely security guard, from Edmonton, Alberta, was given a series of detailed directions by Twitchell, then 29, under the guise that ' Sheena' didn't feel comfortable releasing her full address to a stranger.

Gilles drove to ' Sheena's' house that very night and entered through the garage - as he had been instructed to do.

I feel so good about helping put (him) behind bars." My Online Nightmare is on Channel 4 on Wednesday April 12, at 10pm.

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