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You must enter this information in the Bomgar /appliance web interface to create a certificate signing request.Certificates" Once the certificate signing request has been created, you must submit it to a certificate authority for certification.This request data is submitted to your certificate authority for them to publicly certify your organization and Bomgar Appliance.

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As you work through these renewal instructions, your server will continue to use its existing SSL certificate.

When you reach the final point where you have a new certificate and it is ready for use, you will explicitly tell EZproxy to switch over to the new certificate.

The only way an SSL certificate would not need to be purchased is if it has been purchased for multiple years in advance.

For more information on purchasing SSL certificates for multiple years at a time, please contact your current SSL issuer or contact our Billing department via phone or Live Chat prior to your next renewal.

Bomgar client software must be able to validate the SSL certificate of their appliance in order to establish secure connections.

To do this, they must trust the certificate authority of the appliance's server certificate.

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You can obtain an SSL certificate from a commercial or public certificate authority or from an internal CA server if your organization uses one.

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