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Taylor, a 22-year-old student at Hunter College, had confided in her roommate about the trip and they agreed to swap text messages during the day to make sure she was safe.

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An increasing number, according to the owners of websites that broker such hook-ups, have taken to the web in search of online suitors or wealthy benefactors who, in exchange for sex, companionship, or both, might help with the bills.

The past few years have taken an especially brutal toll on the plans and expectations of 20-somethings.

Embarrassed about bringing him back to her tiny apartment that she ...

See full summary » Will Henderson is the new boy at the high school.

She does a great job of acting like she's really on a real surfboard in those rear projection shots.

I mean, I'm sure Gidget and Moondoggie could surf a few feet from each other all the while giving meaningful glances at each other.

And while Arthur O' Connell does a good job as her father, I've never been able to picture him as anything other than a determined bachelor after his role in Picnic.

So if you have a couple of hours that you just want to veg out on the couch and give your brain a rest, you could do a lot worse than spend it with Gidget.

Sandra Dee replaces Debbie Reynolds in this and the third Tammy movie. Since there are no guest quarters in the hospital, Tammy gets...

See full summary » Joan Howell, a young and pretty maid-for-hire, meets and begins dating wealthy New York City businessman Tom Milford.

But as entertainment this is sure a lot better than scores of movies (think Waterworld or Ishtar) that believed they were a good way for people to spend a couple hours of their lives.

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