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But the test sees that you answered opposite, and lowers your match score!

The same thing happened with, “Would you date someone with hair on their chest?

” Needless to say, right now, I’m looking for a girl who is, I don’t know . ” Dating websites usually have twice as many guys as there are girls, so a new pretty girl with no kids will get bombed with tons of messages.

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When a man joins a dating website, it’s not really a huge risk.

So today, I’m deleting all of my online dating profiles, and venturing out onto a brave new experiment called, “real life”.

A girl who cares about personality is suddenly encouraged to focus on looks first.

My bald head suddenly doesn’t look so charming when it’s juxtaposed next to a thousand pictures of guys with hair.

In my five years of being on dating websites, I’ve only gotten three messages that were initiated by women. When a girl joins a dating website, it’s a HUGE risk.

There IS a chance that someone might stalk her, or threaten her, or send her inappropriate pictures. And if she is pretty, her inbox will be flooded with messages from guys who only want one thing.

Maybe she’ll be frightened, or she might use pepper spray.

Maybe she’ll put her guard up and start being really sarcastic. Going up to a girl in real life is a complete nightmare.

Then there is the idea that her boss might see, or her friends, or her neighbors, or the guy at the gas station.

The whole world sees her as desperate enough to resort to online dating.

No one will send him aggressive commands to put this on, or take this off.


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