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Defined and set by us, they improve the lives of millions every day.

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2017-10-29 A working group in the maintenace committee of CEN met in Milan in October 2017.

The aim is to develop a common European Technical Spesification for physical condition assessment methodologies.

On first dates, I love to spill the R-word and watch the immediate symptoms of phobia appear: beads of sweat slowly forming on the guy's forehead, fuelled by fear that my expectations of “us” have officially shot through the roof and we haven’t even ordered calamari yet.

I watch the strain on his brow form, as he calculates just how much of his fantasy football money he’d have to sacrifice for drugstore red roses and specialty chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

Skimming through the six-page love letters; cute photos I’d actually taken the time to print as if it were 1997; and old ticket stubs from indie cinemas, concerts, and flights enjoyed in the company of a past lover, a second smile spread across my face.

Even with the fresh debris of my most recent relationship unsettled, it was in this sea of great love poems and my own love stories that I knew I’d be okay. Yes, I’m a romantic, but I don’t want a relationship.

2018-01-02 We are in the final phase of the new international standard for occupational health and safety management systems, ISO 45001.

In anticipation of the final standard, we now choose to make the final draft available.

The duo begins by meeting for a casual hookup initiated by Rebecca, who sees Jeremy as nothing more than a hot piece of ass, Of course, Jeremy twists her strictly casual interest in hooking up into a sign that she’s only here for hand-holding, babies, and future coffee-table shopping.

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