Festival days sim dating game cheats

I’ve also credited people who commented with information I’ve missed to get through my recent Number Days marathon haha.- Number Days Sim Date is out! Number Days is about a group of people finding themselves locked inside a theme park with only numbers in their phones indicating how long they are trapped in there.

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Since buying items can make your numbers rise or fall, expiring can be more likely in this case.

allmyfeels – infinite battery life (Get this by collecting all the pictures) *WARNING!

) : Sit at both front and back seats at the theater Photos: 1 – When you enter the park (automatically there) 2 – Hang Out with Spencer 3 – Hang Out with Thane 4 – Get pool passes and “Watch Thane and Spencer fight”.

5 – Hang Out with Bryce 6 – Get pool passes and “Chill with Bryce” 7 – Get pool passes and hang out with Lena 8 – Hang Out with Lena 9 – Hang Out with Arlo 10 – Get pool passes and hang out with Arlo Gifts: a.

This cheat makes expiring more likely since you don’t have to charge your phone/can’t charge your phone, ensuring that your days will stay at low numbers.* tallyhomofo – infinite money *I’ll edit this post as I go along the game.

** I died laughing at some parts, but the rollercoaster rides with Thane and with Lena were the BEST.

I’m honored to type this first blog post out (‘: 1.

The first “mission” here is to get all the screws (6/6) for the robot, Cashy.

You can't give gifts to characters right away after meeting them.

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