Potassium argon isotope dating

The electrical current breaks the compound into its elements.

(See sidebar on Davy in the calcium entry in Volume 1.) There are very few uses for potassium as a pure element.

We report a method for high-precision potassium isotope measurements that improves by an order of magnitude the precision compared to previous methods.

For example, they could both be used as cleaning materials.

The main difference between them was the source from which they came.

A redetermination of the isotopic composition of atmospheric argon by Lee, J.-Y., Marti, K., Severinghaus, J. Analytical protocols employing atmospheric argon to determine mass discrimination corrections are insensitive to the effects of revision on the air correction, but are subject to non-negligible adjustments arising from expanded heavy to light isotope ratios attending the increased mass discrimination correction.

A redetermination of the relative abundances of the isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, and potassium. The new Ar ages in all but exceptional cases of very young and/or K-poor and/or Ca-rich samples, or cases in which samples are grossly under- or over-irradiated.

The free element can never be recovered by this method.

Then Davy thought of another way to separate potash and soda ash into their elements. Instead, he melted a sample of potash and a sample of soda ash.

They tried to think of ways to break these compounds down into their elements.

The first method that Davy tried was to pass an electric current through a water solution of one compound or the other. What Davy did not know was how active the elements potassium and sodium are.

Both elements are freed when an electric current is passed through a water solution of potash or soda ash.

But as soon as the element is formed, it reacts immediately with the water.

The chemical name for potash is potassium carbonate (K ).


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