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Sometimes there really are things you could do better!But when that critique extends to aren't measuring up, online dating might be nicking your self-esteem in a totally uncool way.But there are also times when you need to take a break from dating and hang out with yourself.

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But if you're packing dates back-to-back because you feel like you need to find someone ASAP, you may end up wearing yourself thin because of something that simply isn't true.

Plus, keeping your dating life insanely busy out of anything but excitement means you're probably going out with people you have a hunch aren't a match for you in the first place.

But getting invested in each potential match will only wind up hurting you in the end.

That's why an online-dating breather can be exactly what you need to remember that even though it's natural to want a relationship, you are 100 percent enough on your own.

Instead of filling up your time with bad Tinder dates and worrying about whether a partner you don’t even really like is going to text you back, you can do Maybe that’s finally getting the job you really want, or working on your anxiety about staying in on the weekends with just yourself.

Maybe you want to quit drinking or start writing a novel. If getting drinks and falling in love is your only hobby, you should take a breather.

Seriously, you can get a lot of stuff done when you’re not worried about romance.

Here are some of the times every grown-ass woman knows to take a break from dating.

" But when you never feel that level of enthusiasm that prompts you to take the chatter in a different direction where you two can really get to know each other, you could be going through the dating motions.

Another hint that you are: if all your dates tend to blur together because none of the conversations stick out.

Being open is great, but taking it too far can also be a waste of your very precious time.

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