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They do not have desirable daughters, at least in the eyes of the locals. My point is, it's prejudice no matter what we think. Most Indians are decent hard working people, but then remember the wasps of America and the west, many of whom dominate this board, a few generations ago were beating up Irish folk. Indians of dark skin probably face it more than light skinned Indians. There is so much negativity here when white guys strike out at thermae or get turned away from Japanese dominated places and comfort themeselves crying into their beers about east Asians being 3 minutes three inches and 3 k baht.

That the world has changed and being white Caucasian is not as unique an advantage as before.

Their only advantage is their fair skin and sexually loose women who dominate the sex industry and are seen as more desirable than fat white women.

The Indian taxi drivers here are seen as, wait for it, stingy, argumentative, different and have dark skin.

I move her bag and when she comes back for another drink I tell her to go.

She is indignant and makes a point of picking up the guys beside us. We leave and head back the hotel and I tell my friend that I saw a cute girl in the bar almost directly across the road from the hotel.

She said in the morning she had to go to university for the morning so she was only a part timer who had the tightest pussy.

I'm usually careful but she didn't stop to ask me to use a condom so I'm hoping she is clean!

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