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They are: (1) the C14 concentration in a specimen at its time of death; (2) the decay rate of C14; (3) the current C14 concentration in the specimen being “dated”; and (4) if anything else has affected the specimen’s C14 content. The curved line represents the declining amount of C14 atoms over time due to radioactive decay.Note: only the third of those four necessary facts can be measured, the other three must be estimated, assumed, or extrapolated. During each half-life (~5,730 years), about half of the remaining C14 atoms in a specimen are expected to decay.

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—Charles Ginenthal, 1997 Many of the most obvious conflicts between science and religion involve timing issues—the dating of events in Earth’s history. Scott wrote: “It has long been acknowledged, though not always fully acted upon, that radiocarbon dating measurements are not definitive, i.e. “If a C14 date supports our theories, we put it in the main text.

Bible chronologies typically list Adam and Eve at about 4,000 BC. they do not produce precise age estimates.” Failing to acknowledge this lack of precision, a Nova program that aired in 2009 showed a paleontologist who had found a skeleton of an extinct animal deep in a cave. If it does not entirely contradict them, we put it in a foot-note.

This component of the formula is the most difficult to estimate due to the incalculable number of variables and unknowns.

Contamination of some samples has been identified, leading scientists to take extra precautions in order to protect specimens.

Measuring the current levels of C14 in a specimen is—by far—the most precisely determinable of the four essential facts.

With the advent of AMS technology, and the less-precise technique is often employed.Testing the accuracy of this required fact is limited and subject to a huge array of possible assumptions.Carbon-14 is rare, Plants are eaten by animals, and living things on Earth become ever-so-slightly radioactive due to ingesting things containing C14. When they strike atoms in the atmosphere, chain reactions occur, some of which result in free neutrons (n) that readily react with nitrogen-14 to form C14.When something dies, it no longer assimilates C14, at least not by the means described above. To test the assumption, the rate that C14 forms in Earth’s atmosphere was estimated (based on measurements from various locations around the globe). The testing indicated that C14 is forming faster than it is decaying.If an artifact is preserved from physical decay and leaching of chemicals, radioactivity may be the sole means whereby it gradually loses its C14. A simple analogy may be helpful: Suppose water is steadily dripping into a large tub.Therefore, he used modern C14 levels to approximate the ancient. Estimated years since a specimen died based on how much C14 was believed to have decayed since the death of the specimen.


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