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See full summary » Director: Ilian Djevelekov This is a two-part film about the participation of the Bulgarian army in the Second World War.On the eve of September 9, 1944, insurgent masses liberate a large group of political ... She is really excited about the visiting concert...

Women from Bulgaria have incredible beauty and striking aura that keep men guessing and wishing to meet and date them.

Their shining dark hair, smooth skin, and green or blue eyes complement their above average height.

Get to know her and her fancies, and you are likely to be successful.

Being of strong personality themselves, dating Bulgarian women always look out for men who have strength to protect them and emotional strength as well as resilience to handle the life’s challenges.

Director: Ralitza Petrova Three friends, Maro, Shpera and Yuri are unemployed and hardly make ends meet.

They have complicated and hysterical relationships with the people closest to them. See full summary » Directors: Ivaylo Hristov, Lyudmil Todorov The story of OMNIPRESENT is centered around Emil, writer and owner of advertising agency who gradually becomes obsessed with spying on his family, friends and employees via hidden spy ...

With the rise in the desire to date and marry Bulgarian women, there is a need to educate men about the right way to date these beautiful beauties.

Bulgaria has a great collection of beautiful women who only got noticed a few years ago.

Lily always refused to tell who was Malín's real father. The human solidarity is stronger than the fear, and they do their best to save him.


  1. A second issue for a marriage is that one partner turns to the internet for flirting and sexual excitement rather than to their partner.

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