Slumdog millionaire actors dating

Highly recommended."PS: I was forced into Benjamin Button, and it was boring.

Take that as you will for a comparison between the two movies.

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Probably wouldn't even if they left all that hoaky stuff out, since I am sick to death of the over done, never ending, rip off remakes of movies.

I also suspect that the only reason all this about them not wanting to leave the lifestyle, at least the bleeding hearts making it public, is only because they are from India.

I just wish I was in America still." Meanwhile his co-star Ali is also upset to be home - and is refusing to take off the blue dress she wore to the Oscars ceremony.

She said "I don't want to sleep on the floor anymore.

Mother Shameem Ismail says, "It has all become too much for him.

He is very ill and has not recovered from going to America and all the media interest since we got back." And Ismail himself adds: "I am very sad. I can't get to sleep here - there are too many mosquitoes and it is so hot.

Perhaps Jamal was meant to be a kinda 'clueless' character given his expressions most of the time, but I wasn't too impressed.

What I was really impressed was the youngest Sarim ~ that was true talent.

Ismail was prescribed antibiotics by doctors but was said to be vomiting as he and Ali returned to school on Saturday.

His mother claims he has had difficulty readjusting to life in the slums after experiencing soft beds, clean water and Disneyland during his five-day trip to California.

In the end though, it just seems way too 'fairy-tale' like and there were lots of elements that were quite predictable, like Sarim not giving in to the eye who was gonna scoop Jamal's eyes out and Jamal not answering 'B'.

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