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John Minchin Lloyd (1824 — December 18, 1892) was a bricklayer and police officer in Washington, D. He was one of the first police officers hired by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia when its Day Watch was first formed in 1855.

He played a role in the trial of the conspirators in the Abraham Lincoln assassination.

Mary Surratt, a widow and Confederate sympathizer, owned a tavern, inn, carriage house, corn crib, forge, general store, granary, gristmill, stable, tobacco curing house, wheelwright's shop in the center of town, Mrs.

Surratt lived in her townhouse with her daughter, Anna, and son, John.

The City of Washington had organized a night constabulary in October 1804, but after members of the Whig Party rioted in the city in 1842 and nearly assaulted President John Tyler, a new police force was organized.

The District of Columbia's Metropolitan Police Department was organized by Congress in August 1861, replacing the police forces of the City of Washington, Georgetown, and the District of Columbia (that portion of the District outside the City of Washington's city limits).

Worried that the inn might be searched by federal troops, Lloyd was concerned about the weapons left in his possession.

Later that day, he asked George Atzerodt what to do with them, and was told to bury them.

His interrogators included Captain George Cottingham, U. Cottingham played off Lloyd's fears that his family might also be arrested or tried, and that the military would seek to put him to death unless he confessed.

Lloyd told Cottingham that he feared being murdered by the other conspirators, Lloyd informed his interrogators that John Surratt, Atzerodt, and Herold had hidden a pair of carbines, ammunition, some rope, and a wrench in a wall on the second floor. Surratt had reminded him of their existence on April 11 and April 14.

Federal investigators immediately identified Booth and his co-conspirators, and believed they had headed south into Maryland and then Virginia in an attempt to escape. After the police left, he fled the tavern and went to the home of his wife's relatives in the hamlet of Allens Fresh, Charles County, Maryland. Whether Lloyd was tortured in order to obtain his testimony is highly contested by published sources.

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