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And he reveals that at times, fixing a complicated issue can be done with simple household items like chopsticks and a toothbrush.As he lifts the casing of the drowned Nikon D750, he scans the motherboard with his eye loop and makes his diagnosis. His treatment for a corroded motherboard is simple - detach it from the body, and clean it with a disposable chopstick wrapped with tissue paper dampened with lighter fluid.“Once it’s flooded, service centres usually won’t touch anything.“I’m a fan of old stuff - my PC is from my friend, this screen is from another friend.

It was at school that Mr Hilos realised his curiosity for mechanics could get him further in life.

Constantly topping his class in science and physics, he decided to leave his hometown for Manila, where he took up a degree in electronics and communications engineering.

A CHILDHOOD OBSESSION Mr Hilos is an electronics and communications engineer by profession, but his penchant for precision in machinery is something he seems to have been born with.

As a child, he developed a peculiar obsession that drove his parents crazy - every time he was given a new toy, his first instinct was to destroy it.

From simple plastic gadgets to electronic toy cars, they all ended up in pieces.

Little did his parents know that these play sessions developed his basic understanding of mechanics.

His sentiment echoes an emerging movement against the buy-and-throw-away culture, where more people are choosing to repair rather than replace their faulty gadgets. Sometimes even when things are not broken, people tend to replace.“But then again I have customers who love beautiful cameras. He sees clients who have been turned away because the centre stopped carrying the parts for their model, which could be as recent as five years old.

(Learn more about this here: Repair Kopitiam)For instance, Mr Hilos speaks proudly of a Nikon D300 which he bought for S. So naturally, for many consumers, the easy option is to buy a newer model.

Over time, he started receiving so many repair requests that he had to start turning people away. Sometimes, even technicians pass things to me,” he added.


  1. Like the GR-300, there are three versions of the G-303 and G-808 guitars, distinguished by changes to the PC board.

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