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New Price: 5 | Used Price: | See Current Prices Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves is a fighting game in the Fatal Fury series by SNK.The game was originally released on the Neo Geo, but was ported to the Dreamcast in 2001.

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You play as a airship pirate and all travel in the game occurs on airships.

Each segment is set in a different dungeon with a network of paths and you need to find the correct one to exit.

It is a team based fighter with three characters in your squad and the ability to use a three-person attack.

The fighters all have an academic or sports fighting style (swimming or school paper are examples).

Marvel vs Capcom 2 was the most expensive game for Sega Dreamcast for a very long time.

It was unseated as king in 2009 when Capcom released the game on Xbox Live and PSN.New Price: 0 | Used Price: | See Current Prices Project Justice is a 3D fighting game.It is the sequel to Rival Schools, a rare game for the Playstation 1.Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike was released by Capcom in 2000.It sold poorly because the Dreamcast was on its last legs at this point.Like the title says, this is the third game with Street Fighter III in the title.

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