Problem during frost updating

Surviving in such thickly Infested space means Tenno must move quickly, and once inside, the Lotus' warriors must find a way to endure the constant barrage of Infested spores.A special note: The Jordas Verdict is still in its Beta, and we appreciate your patience while we make refinements to our most mechanically complex Mission in Warframe to date.

Spend this weekend recovering from your turkey coma by making space a more hospitable place to be.

From November 25 to November 30 we'll be holding a special Palatine Bonus event available to all players!

Additions: Trinity Prime and the newest Prime Gear has arrived.

Give yourself the ultimate power to manipulate the battlefield with Prime Access!

The following change has been made to help bring some additional utility to the Diriga.

We will continue to monitor the Diriga after launch to provide additional balance to this unique trait if necessary. A massive Corpus ship with signs of heavy infestation has appeared in the System, unlike anything the Tenno have encountered before.

This issue will be resolved as soon as possible, and we apologize for the confusion it has caused during Saryn’s rework period. This update gives the toxic Saryn a lot of love with a brand-new deluxe skin, Sugatra, and a weapon skin that puts a floral touch on the deadly Dual Zoren.

These skins will only be for a limited time, and will be removed from the Market on November 18, at 2 p.m EST.

While the error has been fixed we understand the frustration this has caused Kubrow enthusiasts, and will be releasing an alert that offers 2 Chesa Kubrow Genetic Code Templates as a reward.

This alert will be active shortly after this Update, and will be available for play until Monday at 12 p.m EDT. Unique Tennogen Avatars and the Boar have now arrived!

Accounts can opt-in at shortly after this Update is live.


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