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He was one of the highest paid actors in the early 90's, appeared in over 250 titles.

He seems to have a talent for spotting the next hot thing as seven of his clients have either won best new comer or best actor at the annual porn awards.

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Rush aims to bring a number of different esports tournaments and activities together under one roof.

This multi-tournament, multi-platform, multi-game event will give visitors the opportunity to experience the exciting world of competitive video gaming first-hand.

Gent when we are at work please Mason, I have a reputation to uphold." He didn't say it in a stern way but I had no illusions that he wouldn't be happy if I called him Andrew again, and of course Curtis wants Lockie to be in the feature, I felt this was a personal move on his part to get back at me for not signing.

I just wondered would Lockie really sign on for a movie just to spite me.

It must be really frustrating for you being behind bars while all this shit is going down.

I have still not fully processed Myles revelation that Connor believes that Channing could be in the city with Kash.

I felt better about signing with him after I read his bio.

I scanned a few old screen shots from his movies, his hair was a lot darker then but his body was as solid as it is now.

Sy may pop up in a scene we're still not sure yet, your co-star today signed on last week, the two guys from the drinks the other night, Knocks and Casey." I vaguely recalled those two, I had a lot of champagne before they arrived and don't remember speaking to them, all I know is they had shot a scene together in the Locker room. "Oh and we are trying to get Lockie to sign on, broaden the range for the site." "What!

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