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Olivia is very stylish right now- it has the same charm as names like Hannah and Emma and the cute nickname Livvy and Liv.

There's not many names that sound like Olivia, so it's not easily mixed up with other names.

I find it interesting that these other passages about my name describe themselves or daughters with green eyes, olive skin, and curly hair.

It is the sort of lovely-sounding name that makes a plain woman more intriguing and a pretty woman even more beautiful, and it always sounds intelligent. We've always loved the name Olivia, but as she grows bigger and brighter we've become increasingly satisfied with our choice.

She gets lots of compliments on her name, and with her dark hair, big eyes, and surprisingly toothy grin (for an 18-month-old), she sure is a charmer.

Despite its rising popularity, I've yet to actually meet an Olivia anywhere near our daughter's age.

- - - My name is Olivia and it's funny because above it says "intelligent" and I was very intelligent through elementary school. Someone else commented on how Olivia means "elf army", and I happen to be in the 18th percent range for height for teens my age. I didn't so much when I was younger but I have come to appreciate it. Now it's interesting to meet all these little Olivias!

I consider the name Olivia to be a feminine classic.

It has a timeless quality to it & one of my favorite things about this name is that it seems to age amazingly well; I think Olivia is an adorable name for an infant girl as well as a sophisticated, beautiful name for an older woman! Plus, it's all girl--very feminine, sophisticated, and beautiful.

“People make up things when they see people together,” she tells the .

She’s just a good girl to hang out with.” For her part, Culpo says the two are just friends, and that she is single.

------- My name is Olivia, I was given the name in the late 1980s. My mother chose it because she didn't want me to have any nicknames.

My parents called me Livi Joy at a young age in elementary I went by Via and in Jr. As I got older though I grew into my real name as Olivia or Liv because they are more grown up.

It can be so many things - cute, sophisticated, sexy, etc. It's interesting so many new little ones are being named this now. ---- My best friend's name is Olivia and I love it...


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